Antibiotic resistance, viruses and conjugation

I am currently an academy research fellow of the Academy of Finland, and I am visiting University of Cambridge till the end of 2017. I got my PhD in molecular microbiology in 2010 after which I did a post-doc in Australian National University. My research currently focuses on the evolution of malignant cellular phenotypes (such as drug-resistance among bacteria) and on viruses and engineered conjugative plasmids as a mean to both directly destroy those cells and to change the fitness-landscape back to our favour. My science is funded by the Academy of Finland and Emil Aaltonen Foundation and is being conducted as a part of The Centre of Excellence in Biological Interactions of the Universities of Jyväskylä and Helsinki. 

(c) Outi Paloheimo

Research themes

  • Bacteriophages / plasmid-dependent phages
  • Genomic vs phenotypic responses to stress
  • Horizontal gene transfer under bacterial stress
  • Evolution and maintenance of antibiotic resistance 

The number of antibiotic resistant infections are continuously increasing worldwide and thus the problems caused by 'super bacteria' are declared as one of the most acute problems of modern health care. We are doing both basic and applied research with multi-drug resistant bacteria. Namely, we investigate why some Klebsiella pneumoniae strains have become epidemic whereas other equally resistant strains have not. Further, we are developing ways to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistances, cure ESBL-carriage and to treat antibiotic resistant bacterial infections.

I utilize experimental evolution, genomics, genetic engineering, different microscopy techniques and computational simulations to approach the research questions. My key collaborators can be found from the University of Helsinki, Karolinska Institute, University of Exeter, University of York, Pasteur Institute and Max Plank Institute.

Bioimaging 2016 winner: Cel(l)ebrity Deathmatch: HeLa vs. E. coli K-12. (c)  MJ/KK


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